About Us

CW Escentials started out quiet small and when we first started we were working out of a normal house. We initially started back in 2009 under a different business name making candles and melts. CW Escentials has come along way since then. 
In 2016 after the birth of our daughter Eva we decided to take a slightly different direction of the business, aswell as grow - so we underwent a total rebrand, change of business name and business operational setup.
In 2018 we completely transformed our double garage into a business studio & small shopfront and then in 2019 we built a completely new warehouse to accommodate the growth of our family business.
A bit about the people of CW Escentials: 
Bianca Celano-Witte
Bianca has always had a passion for fragranced products and aromatherapy.  Bianca has now been making products for over 12 years . Over the last 12 years Bianca has broadened our horizons for the business, studied, attended workshops and courses.  This has not only helped Bianca and our business physically grow, but has assisted her to become more confident, committed and grow as an individual.  Bianca puts all her knowledge and dedication into each and every beautiful creation that is made for our business.  Bianca has fantastic knowledge, skill and has a high attention to detail in making, testing and perfecting our full range of products.
Mark Witte 
Mark is a full time photographer who specializes photo-journalism work, Mark joined CW Escentials back in 2016. Having a passion for design Mark helped Bianca with the designing of the labels to ensure that visual presence you see the products. He also assists with our website, design and is our website coordinator and social media manager.
Eva Mia Celano-Witte
Eva is our little chief minion in the workshop.  She pretty much does all the colour coordination and fragrance checks of each of the products to ensure that everything smells and looks wonderful for everyone.  As well as being a little 6 year old she just likes to get into everything in which happens at CW Escentials even when she is not meant to. In 2019 we launched a new Eva Collection range of products which Eva and Bianca handmake together. As a small business we decided to create this collection so that all proceeds for this collection allows Eva to attend swimming lessons and helps pay for her schooling.
If you have any queries on any of the products or you would like to know more about anything at all that we do please send your enquiry via the below link or you can email us directly at: info@cwescentials.com.au