Activated Charcoal & Clay Cleansing Masques

Activated Charcoal & Clay Cleansing Masques

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It is known fact that activated charcoal can help in detoxifying your skin and removing the dirt from pores, which then in turn gives your skin a thorough cleansing. These masques are also formulated to help control the oil secretion in your skin, making it perfect for skin prone to blackheads and acne.



Benefits of using an activated charcoal & clay cleansing masque

#1 Helps in brightening your skin - A charcoal masque rids the skin of impurities and dust. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, toxins, dirt and oil from the skin.

#2 Helps exfoliate your skin - Our activated charcoal masque gently exfoliates your skin (as it has the added benefits of colloidal oatmeal). Thanks to its coarse texture. It effectively helps eliminate dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking bright and feeling hydrated and cleansed!

#3 No more oily skin - Our activated charcoal and clay masque also helps balance the oil secretion on the skin. So, it’s perfect if you have sensative, oily and acne prone skin. This masque is also beneficial in the hot summer months, when the oil secretion on your face is more than usual.

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