CHAKRA Healing Bracelets
CHAKRA Healing Bracelets

CHAKRA Healing Bracelets

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These gorgeous bracelets are hand-made with natural lava rock stones and 7 chakra healing beads. These stunning healing bracelets come giftboxed.

Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing the life energy, which is also known as Qi or Praana.

Whenever a chakra is disrupted or blocked, the life energy also gets blocked, leading to the onset of mental and health ailments. When the harmonious balance of the seven chakras is disrupted or damaged, it can cause several problems in our lives, including our physical health, emotional health and our mental state of mind.

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