Easter Collection - 3D Bath Bomb Moulds (coming soon)

Easter Collection - 3D Bath Bomb Moulds (coming soon)

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This beautiful easter collection range of our unique CW Escentials 3D bath bomb molds can be used to make and create bath beautiful easter related bath bombs. This specific range of bath bomb moulds all come in a 2pc set.


These molds are 3D printed molds and are made with PLA plastic.  They are very heat sensitive.  Do not leave molds in hot cars or in other areas that they can get hot such as garages and sheds. 

These molds are NOT dishwasher safe and must be washed using Cold water only and dried immediately after use. Do not soak in water or use any chemicals or detergents to wash. 

Hand wash with cold water then towel dry immediately after.  Please do not soak molds in water as they can retain water which will activate your bath bombs or shower steamers. 

Also, soaking molds will cause the bond between the layers in the molds to weaken and your mold can become fragile, damaged or unusable.

When not in use store in an airtight container in a dark, cool place.


COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: These products are sold for the purposes of you making and selling products produced in these moulds.  All designs, design concepts and the manufacturing of these specific products are the sole rights and copyright of CW Escentials and cannot be reproduced.  CW Escentials has the sole rights to these designs and moulds and have the authority and legal rights to pursue any copyright infringements pursuant to the Copyright Act 1976.

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