Goats Milk Powder (full cream)

Goats Milk Powder (full cream)

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Soft, fluffy,creamy full cream goats milk powder is a full-bodied goat milk carefully spray dried, direct from the farm. 

Goat milk powder has long been used as a substitute for cow milk powder for young and old, where flavour and ease of digestion are important. Goats milk powder is very easily mixed with water to make a clean and fresh tasting milk. Because of our production techniques. Goats milk powder is practically an instantaneous milk powder without any additives. Goats milk powder is a healthy alternative to cows milk powder and can be used in a wide variety of applications in the food industry. Full cream goat milk powder is suitable for use in a wide variety of foods such as, for example, dairy drinks and desserts, cheese, ice-cream, follow-on formula, nutritional supplements and tablets.

Perfect for soaps, Milk Baths, bath bombs and adding to bathing crystals. Our Goats Milk powder is used to add to your soaps and skin care bases to make them smooth and creamy. If adding to Melt and pour soap base, we recommend 1 tsp per kg (Mixed in a little warm water and added in to melted soap base)

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