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Lychee & Guava Fragrance oil

Lychee & Guava Fragrance oil

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This fruity bubblegum fragrance takes you back to simpler times of sugary treats, rainbow sweets  and childhood dreaming.

Delightful notes of fresh berries and the rich, sweet aroma of jasmine are accentuated by a warm base of sugary vanilla and tonka bean.

-Top notes are strawberry and raspberry; middle notes are banana and jasmine; base notes are tonka bean and vanilla.
- This fragrance Contains 3.9% vannillin and has a flashpoint of 63 degrees celcius.


Candle use - Max 10%
Liquid Soap use - Max 1%
Body products use (Bath Bombs, Soaps etc...) - Max 2%
Lotion/Body Butter use - Max 0.5%
Room Spray use - Max 1%
Diffuse use - Max 25%


This fragrance oil is manufactured right here in Australia by one of our local perfumery manufacturers in New South Wales, Australia.  We use high-quality ingredients sourced both locally and around the globe. Our stringent quality control and testing ensures the highest standard of fragrances are produced. The different ingredients used in each fragrance oil can change the density and the overall weight of the oil.


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