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MP Soap Base with DIY clay- SLS/SLES, Palm oil & Steric Acid free (RBB)

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RBB MP Soap Base with DIY clay
- SLS/SLES, Palm oil & Steric Acid free

A delightful firm moisturising soap base, moving entirely away from any palm oil or palm oil derivatives.

Now available to blend with a range of our clays - Choose from Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Sea (Green) Clay, Pink Clay, Red Clay or Chocolate (Mediterranean) Clay

Blend the clay powder and soap base yourself.

You will receive a 1kg block of Crystal clear soap base with a 5-10gm pkt of your chosen clay. Simply add in when melted and stir to make activated charcoal soap

When using Superfine Clay add to purified water, or floral water, mix into a paste and blend through your melted soap base.

We recommend that you also try adding your preference of essential oils or dried herbs to compliment the mix.

    • Completely Vegan
    • Stays true to form 
    • No scent – you add your own! 
    • Made with Coconut oil and Olive Oil
    • Packaged simply in a 1kg block / 20kgs per box
    • Can withstand higher melting point than most other soaps without burning or ‘seizing’
    • BRAND: Renascent Bath & Body
    • Firm - Long Lasting
    • No SLS or SLES (Good for sensitive Skin)
    • No Palm Oil or Palm Oil Derivatives (Environmentally Friendly)
    • No Stearic Acid or Glycerine (Palm oil is often hidden in these ingredients)
    • Fully AICIS Registered (You do not need to apply for AICIS registration in Australia to sell your soaps if using our bases)

      Soap Base Ingredients:

      • Water – filtered 
      • Propylene Glycol (Food Grade) - used as a food additive with emulsification (blending) and humectant (moisturising) properties
      • Sorbitol - a sugar alcohol naturally found in fruits
      • Sucrose – sugar from cane or beets
      • Coconut oil - an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts
      • Olive Oil - an edible oil extracted from Olives
      • Sodium Myristate - a fatty acid that occurs naturally in some foods
      • Alkyl Polyglycoside - derived from sugars, usually glucose derivatives, and fatty alcohols
      • Sodium Sarcosinate - a foaming and cleansing agent


      To make your own soap, depending on oils and additives, the costs are around $2 bar. A great price for natural soap & terrific Christmas presents, add some gold or pearl mica & you have some boutique quality products.


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