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Organic HEMP SEED OIL (Pure & Natural)

Organic HEMP SEED OIL (Pure & Natural)

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Organic HEMP SEED OIL (Pure & Natural)

Botanical name: Cannabis sativa
Country of Origin: Australia

Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed from the infamous Cannabis sativa plant.  Considered to be nature's perfect oil, with one of the highest levels of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and additional vitamins, it is an absolute must for nutraceutical applications.

Hemp Seed Oil is also well known for it's anti-inflammatory activity and it's ability to speed the healing of all manner of skin ailments, from eczema and psoriasis, to sores and lesions ... a must have for all damaged skin product lines.

Hemp Seed Oil is a thick oil which is similar in texture to extra virgin olive oil.

Appearance:   Medium to Dark Green, Slightly-Viscous Liquid
Odour:            Characteristic High Herbal
Solubility:       Oil Soluble
Absorption:    Moderate / Complete
Storage:          Cool / Tightly Sealed /
                        Protected from direct Heat, Light and Moisture

High Essential Fatty Acid, especially GLA and ALA
Moisturizes Dry Hair
Supports Healthy Nail Beds